divendres, 28 de juliol de 2017

A la cerca i construcció del Consens Cultural Llença el teu Qorner

Llença el teu Qorner 

La Q Ina de Francesco

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  1. The Tarquinos consultant celebrates the start of their activities in the counties of Girona and announces OiR Orientat and Re Empren, a program to raise the potential of people, organizations, sectors, collectives and territories

    Tarquinos, is a consulting firm based in Madrid that has been analyzing research and observing the operation and the rhythms in various regions of Catalonia since the Vall d'Aro

    Bages Baix Llobregat Vallès Oriental i Occidental Lo Pallars Baix i Alt Empordà

    In the neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​Gracia Horta Guinardó Nou neighborhoods in El Raval
    I from Girona

    Tarquinos announces the first OiR delivery, within the activities of the OptimisTIC campaign, in which it participates

    Tarquinos Consultora Tecnológica Emocional y Comercial wants to contribute in the processes of change and puts at the disposal of the companies the social entities and of the third sector and the local administrations

    A platform, OIR, a facilitator, a tool, to awaken optimism, fertilize the trust and raise the illusions

    More info